Questions & Answers

What expectations might the parents and our kindergarten have in the context of a collaboration mainly focused on the child’s development?

The following paragraphs will try to argue upon the key points of a good collaboration and partnership (parents-kindergarten)

What are our expectations from the parents involved in this partnership?

Our kindergarten’s expectations consist of the strong desire that the parents make an effort to embrace the Montessori approach

We wish that the parents engage in a partnership relation with the kindergarten, regarding the children as the core of this two-way collaboration

Having this target in mind, we wish to help the parents find more about the innovative approach of the centenary Montessori education by keeping them up to date with information and parental education opportunities, starting with their first visit at our kindergarten - so that the parents can make a fully informed decision when they choose to register the children – and we will continue to offer more opportunities in time

After registering the child/children, we expect the parents to participate in the parents-teacher meetings and to attend the seminars for parents that we organize, to get familiar with the philosophy, the policies and the procedures from the parents book and from other materials that our kindergarten provides.

How can I be part of building and maintaining a superior community?

Show respect to other adults, children, the kindergarten and comply with its schedule.

Be a model for all the people affiliated to our community: children, parents, kindergarten staff

Respect starts with mutual trust.

Our conduct rules for children are based on a few simple principles: “show self-respect and social respect (towards the others)” and last but not least, “respect the surrounding environment”.

This is why we expect the same behavior from all the partners in our project.

Don’t forget that the way we behave has a direct outcome in your child’s moral sense development and also on the general atmosphere at the kindergarten, where the child grows every day.

How can I create a bond between the environment at the kindergarten and the one at home?

By adopting the Montessori principles, you can set a proper environment for your child’s development.

Find out more about the Montessori principles that refer to preparing the home environment for your child, as well as about how the parents can interact with this environment.

This starts with a basic principle: “Don’t do those things that your child can do by himself.”

This principle will allow the child to do simple daily routine things (practical activities: washing hands, cleaning the table, etc), a fact that will lead to gaining more independence, according to every child’s physical and intellectual development.

In other words, the child becomes responsible, independent, and capable of freely asserting his thirst for knowledge and development, when the parents’ values and expectations overlap those of the kindergarten.

What are my responsibilities in communicating with the kindergarten?

Maintain an active, direct, respectful and bilateral communication with the kindergarten

Read all the information materials: Newsletters, The parents’ book, emails. Inform the kindergarten in due time about significant changes in your child’s life. Active communication means that the parent shares with their child’s teacher all observations and concerns regarding the child. Always remember this principle: “even when there is a misunderstanding, we still show respect”. The children make progress when the “lead singers” in their life sing in unison. Let’s work together to make the music.

What can be your expectations regarding the pedagogy followed by our kindergarten?

Our kindergarten accomplishes its Mission based on the Montessori pedagogy.

Our kindergarten differs in spirit, values and in its pedagogical system from other traditional education projects.

The main difference is that we are committed to globally develop your child’s competences (transversely and holistically).

The Montessori children gain a solid foundation and the capacity to understand things quickly. We show a vital importance to emotional, spiritual and physical development, in order to grow a harmonious balance, as a founding principle of personal evolution.

Children are given freedom in the limits of security and morals respected in our kindergarten.

The choices and the decisions they have to make, accompanied at the same time by personal responsibilities, help shaping and asserting the new personality that will emerge.

By giving the child the opportunity to choose the activity he wants, the Montessori pedagogy influences the child to gain freedom, to show interest and it nurtures each child’s personal talent with respect to his personality.

Early age children absorb the basis of an adult society, through the support from the members of the community they belong to (classmates, family etc.)

As they grow up, they gain self-confidence, confidence in their power and in their problem solving capacity.

The outcome of this process is a realization: self-consciousness, affiliation to a group, team work done in a dynamic and respectful way.

By showing respect and dignity to each personality, by nurturing each child’s unique talent, we trigger a deep self-knowledge and collective consciousness based on respect.

By offering freedom, we also instill the child’s need for responsibility. This way the child learns that individual freedom is without question accompanied by respect and responsibility for his personal community: classmates, teachers and parents.

What should I expect from the kindergarten’s Administration?

Cooperation, consistency with the Montessori principles with focus on the child’s needs in balance with community life; decisions are made by taking into account the kindergarten’s mission, objectives and values; a good administration and a responsible Management; and an open door to your questions and concerns.

The administrative staff is the interface between: children, parents, the extended family, kindergarten’s staff, visitors, other kindergartens and educational organizations, the general public.

During your interactions with the Administration, you can expect us to have a professional and polite attitude at all time.

The administration will always focus on the child’s personal interest in balance with the information provided by the parents, our Mission and the kindergarten’s needs.