The Founder’s Message

Isabele-Nely Marinica – Founder of Harmony Tree Montessori


My basic education is as an economist, and I worked for 20 years in multinational corporations (in Romania and abroad), in top management positions in the financial, commercial, and business planning & development areas.

A year after I became a mother, I quit my job and dedicated my time to raising my little boy, Patrick. I found the Montessori system - a system that is based on solid principles that are also intuitive and logical - while I was looking for methods and activities to help me interact with my son in order to offer him the chance to reach his full potential spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

I decided to enrich my knowledge about children’s healthy development so I participated in different seminars and workshops about the Montessori philosophy and education, organized by the Montessori Institute of Bucharest (MIB).

I attended the Montessori Assistant Teacher Training (3-6 years) in 2014. In July 2015, along with the nursery staff, I also attended the first aid course, the course for democratic communication with children and collaborative relationships between teachers and children, all of them organized by Parentime.

Being inspired by my child’s balanced development and by Mrs. Cristina Preda, the founder of Echilibria Montessori Education Kindergarten, I followed a dream I had when I was young, which was to establish a nursery school. This dream is strongly connected to my love for children and to my desire and passion to offer them a chance to reach their full potential starting with their first years of life.

…and yes, I love dolphins!

Harmony Tree Montessori team is a strong team, formed of wonderful warm people that are responsible and dedicated to children - a team that embraces Harmony Tree Montessori’s mission and values.

Partners & Mentors

We thank our partners and mentors for their significant contribution in fulfilling the Harmony Tree Montessori project. and their continuing support for its best advancement! They are a “source of inspiration” and wonderful people!

Cristina Preda

Founder of Echilibria Montessori Education & MIB

Olena Bulat


Mirela Marin

Founder of Living Leadership

Teodor Cerneletchi

Managing Partner City Cat Solutions